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Add Template

Other handy feature, usable for when you want to display two or more fields on top of the boxes, is the Add Template Field where you can use tokens, and reference the fields from the Data Source. So let's say you want to have displayed on top of the boxes the products' names and their ids. After adding the Template Field option on the grid, you have to add in the template the corresponding tokens like:

[ProductName](#[ProductID]) then name the field, and before saving and getting back on the page to see how the boxes display, don't forget to move the field on top of all the other fields, so that it is the first in line. 

Here's a sample of a box title which uses two tokens:

How to add a url inside a template field

With the latest version of Action Grid, we've added option to allow HTML inside columns - the most common scenario is that certain users would want to set a link on some grid columns, and in order to nicely display it, we've implemented the "Allow HTML" option on each type of grid field. To illustrate this example, you can add a Computed field on the grid and in Template box, after checking the Allow HTML box, you can set the following html element:
 <a href="">This is some text</a> 

Add Formula

Using the Formula Field you can compute a numerical value by referencing grid fields and tokens. For example, [Price] * [Quantity] + [MyCustomToken:ThatReturnsTaxes]. Choose a formatting option for a proper display.

How to create other View

how to create other view besides grid and layout