Inline Edit - feature used to update the existing items directly in the grid

Inline Edit on Item Button

  • With an Action Form as Data Source
Automatically updates the selected item, on click, without any special settings. 
Also, you can set enable conditions for this special button.

  • With an SQL Query as Data Source
In this case it's important to set the Sql Query for Updating Items. 

  • With a Database Table as Data Source
It automatically updates the selected item, from database table, without inserting any Update SQL Query.

Inline Edit on Grid Button

This feature offers the possibility to edit more than one item from grid. Also, use Lock into Edit Mode, from General Settings , if you need to make lots of modifications. 
  • With an Action Form or Database Table as Data Source
It automatically updates existing items or inserts new grid items. The settings are the same with those for Inline Edit on Item buttons when you use an Action Form or a Database Table as Data source regardless of whether you want to update or insert grid items.  

  • With an SQL Query as Data Source
For updating existing items use the same scenario as for Inline Edit on Item Buttons. 
Add new Entry requires an SQL Query for Inserting on Data Source Settings.