Action Grid integrates with My Tokens - the tokens can be used in different fields, to see an example, check the Serialization page or click here for another example where we've used tokens to display more than one field in the top of the boxes.

Action Grid integrates with Action Form, which can be used as Data Source for the grid and with Google Charts, click here to see a sample. 

Accessing the Grid from JavaScript

Behind the scenes, Action Grid uses Angular JS. This means that you can grab the Angular JS scope from your own JavaScript code and interact with the grid. To get the scope you can use angular.element(".angrid").scope(). The first thing that you should do is console.log this so you can see all properties and methods that are available. 

One common example is to refresh the grid for example when a user submits a form on the page via AJAX. Then, you could refresh the grid be resetting it to first page.


Receiving Notifications when Data is Loaded

Every time a page is laoded, Action Grid broadcasts an event through Angular JS. You can register to this even using the code below.