How to Localize Action Grid

This document is intended to provide guidance on how to localize (internationalize) Action Grid user interface. This means that no matter what language was used to develop it, future users can easily translate the user interface for whatever language required.

So, Action Grid localization involves customizing its user interface for specific cultures or regions. Action Grid comes localization ready out of the box – all that’s needed is your translation (if the module does not come bundled with one for your language) and Action Grid. It only takes a little effort to localize Action Grid and is easier to do than you might think.

The following steps will guide you on how to make Action Grid ready for a translator to work his/her magic.
  1. Admin -> Languages -> Add New Language -> Select Language in which the module will be localized -> Update -> Click on the added language and hit the System section to edit it.
  2. Local Resouces -> DesktopModules -> DnnSharp -> ActionGrid -> App_LocalResouce -> Grid
  3. In the Localized Value section add the specific translation for the values in the Default Value section
  4. Last step - Once all fields were filled -> Save Resource File.
That’s it! You can now switch from one language to another by clicking the appropriate flag on the left side.

NOTE: Action Grid supports localization for front end only and so far it comes with English and Dutch already localized.